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We are invested in the success of the charitable organizations benefiting from our grants and the charitable causes they support.

Walters Family Foundation
Grantmaking for Charitable Organizations

The Walters Family Foundation is a private foundation which provides support to organizations that take care of human services and needs throughout the United States. We excel at identifying non-profit corporations which have the expertise to create measurable change in their communities.

A Brief History
Foundation History

Glenn and Viola operated the Glenn Walters Nursery for several decades which became the largest wholesale nursery in the state of Oregon during its time. Their motto was "Quality is our Specialty" and their plant material was heavily sought after. The Foundation's founders became very successful at growing and distributing assorted plants and trees throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as the Northeast and Southern portions of the United States. Glenn and Viola established the Walters Family Foundation in 1999 as a resource to continue their philanthropic work.

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Grantmaking Projects

We’ve granted money to a variety of charities from local community focused organizations to notable causes such as the American Red Cross, Oregon Trail Chapter. In order for our grants and donations to have the greatest impact, we identify organizations which are small to medium sized and have well controlled and intelligently operated charitable works. Using this criteria, we can ensure that our grants significantly strengthen these organization’s ability to serve their causes, and that the grants are put to use effectively.

Financially Sustainable Grantmaking For Charitable Causes

Walters Family Foundation serves the public interest by accepting donations and contributions from sources including individual philanthropists, family trusts and wills, and corporate philanthropic projects. Your donation is financially sustainable - we intelligently invest donations using expert investors and intelligent investment strategies, then grant the profits from these investments towards charitable organizations. Over time, your donation becomes a variety of grants orders of magnitude greater than the original dollar amount of your donation.

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