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Donations to Walters Family Foundation

The Walters Family Foundation was originated with an endowment gift from Glenn and Viola Walters. The core principle of the foundation was that this endowment shall be used to benefit a variety of chartiable causes including youth issues, hunger, homelessness, health issues, and other humanity-centric areas of the public interest. Over the course of more than 18 years over 3.98 million dollars has been granted to dozens of charitable organizations and other causes.

Donations and Financial Sustainability

Every grantmaking foundation must replenish its endowment in order to sustain its ability to contiously provide grants to charitable organizations. Most grantmaking foundations are overseen in part by a board of directors who are tasked with the responsibility of protecting the foundation's endowment and ensuring its resources are used efficiently and responsibly. Foundations are able to sustain their resources primarily through two avenues.

Donations and Financial Sustainability --- Walters Family Foundation

First, by developing an intelligent and responsible investment strategy, foundations are able to build on their assets while continuously engaging in grantmaking activities without diminishing the base endowment. This is the core principle of most financially sustainable foundation models, and this technique is a core principle of the Walters Family Foundation. Second, donations increase the endowment from which grants may be distributed. These grants can come from a variety of sources including individual donations, donations occurring on family scale philanthropic level, from planned corporate giving and corporate philanthropy, from individual gifts matched by corporations, or from planned individual giving associated with trusts, wills, or bequests. In a financially sustainable grantmaking model the principal amount of these donations is used in a responsible investment strategy, and the gains from these investments are used in grantmaking activities while the principal amount of the donation is preserved for future investment. This allows the principal amount of the donation to effectively benefit chartiable organizations in amounts of money much greater than the amount of the original donation.

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