Walters Family Foundation

Charitable Donations

Walters Family Foundation is a private grant making foundation supporting a range of charitable organizations and causes. We practice a financially sustainable approach to our handling of the principle monies where the earnings can be used for charitable donations. In order to maximize the impact of financial gifts received from donors, we invest the principal amount of donations initially provided by Glenn and Viola Walters using intelligent, fundamentally sound investment strategies, then grant the earnings from these investments to charitable organizations of various kinds. Using this model, our donors’ financial gifts are sustained so that charitable organizations benefit from donations in perpetuity. The Walters Family Foundation Board has surrounded itself with the best available investment and accounting expertise to ensure the maximum investment return while minimizing our overhead costs.

Donation Scenarios

Money is donated to grant making foundations in a variety of different scenarios. Most charitable donations are given by individuals, but donations are also made in non-individual circumstances. Two types of donations can occur: to an existing Foundation or to a charity nonprofit directly.

There is a distinct advantage to donating to an existing Foundation. Foundations have an infrastructure in place that includes management by a Board, legal work, paperwork, accounting, as well as a system for donating to non-profits. When you donate to a Foundation, you’re accessing their resources and expertise.

A growing percentage of all charitable donations made in the United States are provided on a family-wide basis by philanthropic families. Rather than an individual giving a financial gift, a family is providing a donation as a collective unit. A Family Foundation is an example of a resource for those who wish to donate, but don’t wish to go the through trouble of setting and managing a Foundation.

Donations are also given by corporations and commercial entities. Corporate philanthropy and corporate giving can occur as a part of continuous donation efforts designed by the administration in a corporation, and corporations also donate as part of gift-matching programs in which an individual’s employer will match their donations to the charitable organizations of their choice. These are the most common forms of charitable donations, but there are are also more complex donation sources. Charitable bequests are a notable way for individuals to donate to charitable causes by bequeathing an asset to an organization of their choosing. Charitable bequests can be designed to benefit their intended cause when a certain condition is met by the designer of the bequest. It’s also possible for individuals, families, or corporations to donate real estate assets, shares or financial securities, annuities, and trusts.

Donation Planning

Donating to a financially sustainable foundation ensures that your donation has a far reaching impact on numerous charitable organizations and charitable causes, and is the best way for your donation to be used effectively, efficiently, and perpetually benefit causes that are important to you. Please peruse our resources detailing the donation and grant making process. If you have any questions, or would like more information about our foundation, please contact us.