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Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Giving

Corporate philanthropy describes financial activity in which corporations benefit public interests and charities. This type of charitable giving accounts for approximately 5% of the annual donations in the United States, and benefits a full spectrum of charitable causes including children’s charities, environmental conservation, wildlife protection, disaster relief, arts and culture, medical research, education and scholarships.

We encourage donations and gifts from corporations and private business organizations. Corporate philanthropy can provide tremendous support and benefits to a significant number of social causes and other areas that serve the public interest. The core of the Walters Family Foundation financially sustainable model is to grow charitable contributions using intelligent investing strategies. The financial returns that include interest, dividends, and stock/bond price increases produced as a result of these investments is used to provide grants to charitable organizations. The combination of corporate giving combined with our ability to sustain these corporate gifts creates an important charitable donation source of which can benefit extended ranges of charities for extended periods of time.

Corporate Matching Gift Programs

Corporations can make donations as part of their planned giving projects, and many companies offer gift matching programs in which an employee who is donating to a charity will have their contribution matched by the corporation. Part of the challenge of corporate charity is deciding which foundations, organizations, and causes to donate to. Matching gift programs are a way for corporations to show their employees that if a charity is important to that person, then it’s important to the company. Matching gift programs also allow an individual in the corporation to double their donation abilities and have a larger impact on the foundations and organizations about which they care. Considering that individual giving accounts for 71% of all charitable contributions in the United States each year, corporate gift matching programs have the potential to make major impacts on the charities their employees support. Notable corporations that offer gift matching include Apple, Microsoft, Google, SalesForce, and Expedia. Gift matching allows companies to engage in corporate philanthropy in ways other than donating directly to foundations and charities.

Planned Corporate Giving | Consider Walters Family Foundation

Walters Family Foundation has the unique ability preserve your corporate gift and extend your generosity for generations. Through our proven, intelligent investment strategies, we’re able to sustain your charitable donation, effectively enabling your corporation to continuing benefiting charitable causes year after year without having to continuously donate funds. We encourage you to consider supporting our foundation in your upcoming planned giving projects.