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Please use our secure online donation portal to donate directly to Walters Family Foundation. Your donation, personal information, and financial information are completely safe and secure using our online portal. If you have questions about donating to Walters Family Foundation, how your financial gift is used, our grantmaking process, or other questions related to the donation process, please contact us.

Corporate Gift Matching

If you’re an individual donor, we suggest inquiry with your employer about corporate gift matching programs. Many companies in the United States will match the dollar amount of your donation to a charitable organization. This allows you to double your personal donation power and is an admirable way for companies to support causes that are important to their personnel.

Tax Deductible Donations

By donating to a 501(c)3 charitable organization, your gift may be tax deductible (please consult with your financial advisor to discuss tax deductions related to charitable donations). Our federal tax identification number is 93-1280994.

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