Walters Family Foundation

Individual Charitable Donations

Individual charitable donations describe any situation in which a single person (or perhaps a married couple) gift money to a charitable foundation or organization. Individual donations are not associated with a corporate entity, are not part of a greater campaign of charitable giving on a family-based activity level, and are not gifts that are bequeathed through trusts or wills. Individual donations account for 72% of all charitable giving in the United States. Individual donations are perhaps the most versatile and dynamic form of charitable giving because individuals are not accountable to corporate guidelines (although many corporations participate in charitable gift-matching programs) or family foundation bylaws (although many philanthropic families feature members who pursue specific individual advocacy towards of causes of specific individual interest). Individual giving also benefits the most comprehensive range of charitable organizations and causes from broad categories of charities including education, religion, arts and culture, environmental, human rights, and medical research, to organizations seeking to address very specific issues such as cancer research, protection of specific species of wildlife, or providing abundant clean drinking water to specific regions. A Family Foundation may have a point of view or a giving policy set up by the founders. So, choosing one that matches yoru interests may be essential in achieving your own giving requirements or interests.

Maximizing the Long Term Effect of Your Individual Donation

Individuals have a sincere desire for their charitable donations to have the greatest possible and longest lasting effect on the organizations to which they’re giving. Walters Family Foundation is a financially sustainable foundation which provides grants to charitable organizations. We preserve the principal amount of your donation and use an intelligent, responsible investment strategy to grow your gift and grant the gains to reputable charitable organizations. Of course the Walters Family Foundation is subject to the cycles of the stock/bond market as well as other investments vehicles. But our investment consultants and accountants bring us the best information to invest in a prudent manner to preserve the capital investment while maximizing the finanical returns that can be used to provide grants to reputable charitable organiations.

Using this model, your donation is stabilized to the highest degree, and perpetually benefits an array of charitable causes. Whether donors are individuals, families, or corporations, they want to know that they’re efficiently and effectively helping the causes about which they’re concerned. This financial sustainability gives donors the long term ability to donate to charity in a capacity greater than their immediate financial outlook allows for, and going forward financially sustainable charitable work is the responsible and intelligent path for individual donations.