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Trusts, Wills, and Bequests

Charitable giving occurs in a variety of donation scenarios. It’s common for individuals to donate directly to charitable organizations who are actively performing charitable works, and it’s also common for individuals to provide grants to assorted charities in order to support their work.

Planned Donations

Donating to a foundation by way of a trust, will, or bequest, is a form of planned giving in which an individual or family plan to donate a financial gift or asset to a specific organization, foundation, or cause when some future condition is met or specific date arrives. Because this form of giving is directly ingrained into an individual’s financial and personal affairs, the specific arrangement of bequests varies greatly according to the specifications and will of each individual donor. At present, bequests and planned giving accounts for 9% of all charitable donations given in the United States.

Types of Bequests

Bequests can occur in a few different scenarios. Most bequests are set up in a way that the donor transfers a specific amount of money or specific assets such as real estate or other forms of valuable property. In some donor’s wills, they may specify that a specific percentage of an asset is to be donated to a specific foundation or charitable organization. Percentage bequests are a way for a testator to allow the amount of their charitable gift to increase if the value of their assets, savings, or other holdings increase in between the time they design their will and the time their donation is executed.

Planned Donations to Walters Family Foundation

If you’re considering a planned gift, please contact us to discuss your charitable donation.