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Charity Knowledge Base

The industry of charitable causes and nonprofit organizations contains a deep hierarchy of organizations, foundations, and donors, as well as a nuanced structure of financial concepts. Financial concepts and financial strategies are ingrained into the work of every nonprofit foundation and charitable organization because charity involves financial gifts. Economics is a complex social science, and charities work to manage features economic and other financial issues with a variety of real world human interest causes and concerns. Whether individuals, families, or companies who are pursuing donation projects are new to charitable giving or are experienced philanthropists, there’s an incredible amount of ideas and issues to consider.

The Landscape of Charitable Giving

Our charity knowledge base will contain a variety of articles detailing points of interest concerning the landscape of the charity and non-profit industry, discuss the structure of prominent foundations, highlight the relationship between charitable giving, financial investment, and financial sustainability, and examine the taxonomy of charity types, donor types, and foundation types.