Walters Family Foundation

Grant Making Guidelines

The Walters Family Foundation is a private family foundation providing grants to charitable organizations. Since 1999 we’ve been pursuing the funding of organizations who work to benefit at risk youth, families, and the elderly.

What Is Grant Making?

Grant Making is the practice of giving money to charitable organizations in order to help support and advance the organization’s charitable works. As a private family foundation, we provide grants to organizations who will benefit to a significant degree as a result of our grants and to organizations with causes to which are sympathetic to the Walters Family Foundation giving policy.

Common Grant Recipients

Common types of grant recipients include charitable organizations who serve the public interest, often addressing specific areas of interesting including local community centers and public park and recreation department programs. Other notable grant candidates are organizations with programs which enable at-risk individuals and at-risk families to become productive and self-sufficient members of society, as well as helping to build far-reaching improvements to society at large.

Other Grant Details

Walters Family Foundation generally does not support endowments, annual or year-end appeals, general operating funds, or grants to individuals. Grants are gifted only to organizations which qualify as public charities under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended.

How To Apply For A Grant

To apply for a grant from The Walters Family Foundation, please send the following information in a PDF document to:

  1. Using company stationery containing your letterhead (requests on simple copy paper will not be accepted), please keep your request to no more than two pages in length and include:
    • Name, address, and phone number of your non-profit organization
    • Name and title of the person submitting the request
    • Description of what your organization does and specify if you are part of a larger organization (state, national, or international organization)
    • Description of specifically what the needs are
    • Specifically the dollar amount that is being requested
    • Description of how the funds will be utilized
  2. Include the IRS letter documenting your organization’s Federal EIN number, identifying that you are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
  3. Include a copy of the annual budget of your organization. In addition, you may send a budget for the specific project for which you are seeking funds.
  4. Supporting documents may also be submitted such as digitized brochures that further describe your organization.

A Note About Grant Making

Failure to include all of the above may delay the consideration of your request Requests are considered by the Board of Directors two times a year, at the Annual and Semi-Annual Board Meetings, generally held in February and August of each year. Requests must be submitted by January 15 and July 15 of each year to be considered at the following meeting. For appropriately completed requests that are submitted in a timely manner, a determination letter will be sent after the request has been reviewed by the board as to the disposition and decision of the board.

Requests by phone, fax, or mail (including UPS & FedEx) are not generally accepted. If you send a correspondence to the corporate office, your request may be delayed or not considered. So, please complete the above information as outlined for appropriate consideration by the Walters Family Foundation Board. Thank you for giving the Walters Family Foundation an opportunity to learn more about your organization and the opportunities you provide for us to contribute.

Please send requests in PDF format to: