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Foundation History | Walters Family Foundation

Glenn and Viola Walters established the Walters Family Foundation in 1999 as a resource to continue their philanthropic work. Glenn and Viola were sensitive to the misfortunes of underprivileged youth, having both been raised in humble backgrounds and they had a desire to help children and their families achieve a quality life. Glenn and Viola understood issues such as poverty, hunger, and substance abuse, and observed a great need to end the poverty cycle for at-risk youth.

As a veteran of World War II, serving in the United States Navy in the Pacific Theatre, Glenn acquired an acute perspective on the fragility and value of human life, which intensified his awareness of misfortunes in his local community in Oregon.

Following Glenn’s return from the Pacific, he and Viola began working at the Teufel Wholesale Nursery in Oregon, where they learned how to start a plant as a cutting in the sand to growing it to a marketable size. After 12 years in Teufel’s employ, Glenn secured a loan from a local bank and together with Viola, began the development of their own nursery. Four years were required to grow the initial cutting to a saleable plant. After two semi-trucks took away the first crop, the Glenn Walters Nursery was born. Through years of hard work, Glenn and Viola ultimately became very successful, growing and distributing assorted plants and shrubs, and maple trees not only throughout the Pacific Northwest, but also to the East coast and the South. They became well known throughout the country. Glenn and Viola were always supportive of their church and local community. As they neared retirement and eventually sold their entire nursery, they began to engage in assorted philanthropic work including upgrading churches and schools, converting other buildings into cultural resource centers, and contributing charitable funding to other brick-and-mortar projects.

Over time, Glenn and Viola contributed to a wide variety of charitable organizations, causes, and groups in the state of Oregon. Glenn and Viola wanted to ensure that their philanthropic work would continue for generations, so in 1999 they set up the Walters Family Foundation. Members of their family and other non-family members together as a Board of Directors were tasked to bring a combined expertise to continue their philanthropic work in a financially sustainable manner helping the public interest for generations. This Board desires that Glenn and Viola’s legacy continue by helping the underprivileged and eliminate suffering and abuse through the grants that their foundation provides to charitable organizations.